Our work helps businesses leverage their service levels against the high and changing demands of the customer. This ensures that our clients achieve the benefit of a reputable public image and can retain as many customers as possible, to bring about sustained success for many years to come.

Retail  (Local businesses, franchises, Hardware stores, Tech stores, clothing, jewellery etc..)

Hospitality (Restaurants, hotels and resorts etc..)

Mystery shopping has been around since the 1940's.

It was initially used to monitor cash flow in banks and other retail spaces.

Fast forward 60 years later to 2020 Mystery shopping has grown in importance and is still being used today by some of the largest organizations in the world today.

The concept of Authentic Insider came about in 2016 by then retail manager Arshaad Yousuph. After much time, thought and consideration a unique and effective methodology was developed which was put to the test in 2017 and which yielded remarkable results.

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